Customer Service Representative

Job Title: Customer Service Representative Supervised by: Customer Service Supervisor

Responsible for receiving all telephone communication from referral sources and customers
including order taking and obtaining accurate billing information, as well as over-the-counter sales; inventory control of office supply levels and ordering; telemarketing; establishing and maintaining files with complete customer information.

DUTIES AND Responsibilities:

Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas:

Complies with all applicable company policies and procedures.
Ensures that all billing, posting, insurance denials, inquiries, orders, deliveries, service and pickups are handled in an accurate and timely manner.
Screens and directs telephone calls and receives orders from referral sources.
Coordinates all client information and processes paperwork, including preparation of file for billing department.

Establishes customer records and ensures that all client information and records are current and complete.
Verifies insurance eligibility of clients.
Maintains log of referrals.
Assists with implementation of performance improvement program to meet company, state, federal standards.

Performs telemarketing functions a required including, but not limited to, routine calls to clients and introductory calls to potential referral sources.
Assists in resolving customer equipment problems under emergency conditions.
Performs over-the-counter sales functions; handles cash transactions efficiently and accurately and is able to perform the end-of-the-day cash account balance.
Monitors office supply levels and places appropriate orders as approved by customer service supervisor or operations manager.
Develops and maintains working knowledge of current home care products and services offered by the company and all applicable insurance guidelines regarding eligibility for coverage and reimbursement.

Performs all aspects of client care in an environment that optimizes client safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.
Monitors and records customer, physician and referral source communications. Notifies appropriate personnel if a particular service or response, within the scope of their responsibilities, is required.

Assists Accounts Receivable management.
Processes accounts and maintains appropriate records in a timely manner.
Provides recommendations to callers and walk-in customers regarding supplies and equipment that can be utilized to meet client's needs.
Secures certificates of medical necessity, with assistance from Marketing Representative or Clinical Manager.

Batches all paperwork daily for submission to the Billing Department.

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